Political Innovation is Ready for Primetime: How to Get Involved

Annual Symposium

Moderated by David Hawkings, Editor-in-Chief, The Fulcrum

Expanding on her symposium talk “Political Innovation Is Ready for Primetime,” business leader and political innovator Katherine Gehl will be joined by Nick Troiano, the executive director of Unite America, to discuss what it takes to shift current political structures and what you can do to be part of the political innovation movement. The conversation will be moderated by David Hawkings, editor-in-chief of The Fulcrum, a nonpartisan digital news organization.

Gehl will touch on the root of our political system’s dysfunction and today’s achievable solutions, while Troiano will speak to his experience running for U.S. Congress, working for Change.org and running Unite America as a young — but accomplished — face in politics. In this presentation the duo will offer actionable steps we can all take to change our political system, and most importantly, get results.

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