One Meal a Day: Taking a Bite Out of Climate Change

Annual Symposium

When you think of James Cameron, one of his Academy Award-winning films likely comes to mind — Titanic (1997), or maybe Avatar (2009). But Cameron is much more than a renowned director, he is also a passionate environmentalist. He and his wife, author and activist Suzy Amis Cameron, follow and advocate passionately for the plant-based diet. Amis Cameron is the founder of One Meal a Day, a movement that encourages people to eat at least one plant-based meal a day and the couple invests in Verdient Foods, a company that works to address current and future plant-based protein food demand.

Louie Psihoyos, the 2020 Mountainfilm Guest Director and the filmmaker behind The Game Changers (Mountainfilm 2018), which examines the health benefits of a plant-based diet on elite athletes, will join the Camerons to discuss the current and future state of food and the role plant-based proteins can play in decreasing water and air pollution and slowing biodiversity loss and deforestation.

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