Grist 50 Fixers: How Do You Find Hope?

Annual Symposium

Each year, Grist, an independent news outlet and network of innovators, selects the Grist 50, a list of emerging U.S. leaders and thinkers who are working on creative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Often called “Fixers” these forward-thinking visionaries are a mix of scientists, artists, social-justice advocates, policymakers, farmers and technologists, among others. Their common ground is a message of hope that’s inspired by a vision of a just, sustainable future and a plan for how to get there.

During this presentation, three Grist 50 Fixers — Shyla Raghav, Rev. Mariama White-Hammond and Tim Ma — will share how their work has changed in the COVID-19 era and what gives them hope, while Grist Fellowship Program Director Andrew Simon moderates.

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