Shorts with Features

Film Duration Playing With
A Conversation 7 mins Godspeed, Los Polacos!
A Very Short Guide to Union Glacier Camp 5 mins After Antarctica
The Beauty President 10 mins Yes I Am - The Ric Weiland Story
The Bitter Root 20 mins Hunger Ward
Bug Farm 14 mins The Ants & The Grasshopper
The Captain 7 mins Playing With Sharks
Chuj Boys of Summer 16 mins Wall of Shadows
God $ Green: An Unholy Alliance 20 mins The Big Scary "S" Word
God's Plant 16 mins Weed & Wine
Joseba Cruz 8 mins The Ants & The Grasshopper
On Falling 14 mins Reel Rock 15: Black Ice
Piano Craftman 5 mins Los Hermanos/The Brothers
Running the Roof 52 mins Reel Rock 15: Black Ice
Smelly Little Town 26 mins Duty Free
Status Pending 27 mins Missing in Brooks County
When We Were Bullies (Telluride only) 36 mins Try Harder!

Kidz Kino (Online Only)

Kidz Kino is Mountainfilm’s program of short, family-friendly films that are curated by kids, for kids.
This program will only be available on Mountainfilm Online.

Film Duration
Around the Block 3 mins
Golden Age Karate 5 mins
199 Little Heroes: Jésùs from Mexico 11 mins
Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim: Quarantine Ultra Run 1 min
Invisible Beauty 6 mins
Africa Riding: Karim, Rawanda 8 mins
Why I Ride 2 mins
Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad 6 mins
24 Leeches 10 mins
Maneuvers 5 mins
My Last Day of Summer 9 mins
Whales Without Walls 6 mins
Xavi SK8 8 mins
Wild Child 4 mins

Local Legends & Steep Thrills

We’re taking it back to our roots with a program dedicated to Telluride locals — both those who are featured in and have created films. Sprinkle in a collection of short films showcasing the activities we love and you have Local Legends & Steep Thrills.

Film Duration
Sibling Rivalry 5 mins
Tilted Perspectives 7 mins
Blackberry Swirl 4 mins
Charge 2 4 mins
One World: 1029 Turns (Telluride Only) 4 mins
MTB Bridge Stunt Ride 1 min
Freedom of Flow 9 mins
At Home Off Piste 4 mins
Postman Jim 17 mins
One World: 0 Makes (Telluride Only) 4 mins
Girls Gotta Eat Dirt (Online Only) 6 mins