Tim Kressin

The co-founder of Wondercamp, a Seattle-based production company, Tim Kressin is a director who focuses on building empathy by highlighting often under-told or under-seen stories. Whether on the mountain or in refugee camps, Kressin believes in staying curious, listening well and connecting each story to the universal human emotions in all of us. His films include Are We Listening (Mountainfilm 2018), Women in Fire and Safe Haven (both Mountainfilm 2019), Dear Mother Nature (Mountainfilm 2020), Resilience (Mountainfilm 2021) and The Spirit of the Peaks (Mountainfilm 2022). Kressin is humbled to share Espera, Esperanza with the world as it shows what a truly life-changing moment it can be, just to be heard. His most recent project Waiting, Hoping is playing at Mountainfilm 2023.