Tim Kressin

The co-founder of Wondercamp, a Seattle-based production company, Tim Kressin met his business partner Davis Goslin on a basketball court in high school. They’ve been making films ever since — their work taking them to more than 20 countries to produce films like Are We Listening (Mountainfilm 2018), Women in Fire (Mountainfilm 2019), and Safe Haven (Mountainfilm 2019). Most recently, Kressin directed Dear Mother Nature (Mountainfilm 2020) a film that follows an environmental advocate and drag queen who meets with scientists and non-profit leaders to instigate changes while rallying the community to take action and Resilience (Mountainfilm 2021), which investigates the transformative power of the outdoors and the importance of sharing that love with the next generation. Although Tim isn’t necessarily a skier, he worked alongside Connor Ryan to co-direct The Spirit of the Peaks (Mountainfilm 2022).