Peter Mortimer

Peter Mortimer, a Colorado native, started Sender Films in 1999 as a DIY climbing video production project. He was joined by his college buddy Nick Rosen in 2004, and over the last decade, the two have grown Sender into a global adventure film company. With world-class athletes, fast-paced storytelling, humor, authentic characters and high-flying adventures, Sender’s films have garnered many accolades and become a staple of Mountainfilm's content. Sender's films include Alone on the Wall (Mountainfilm 2010), Honnold 3.0 (Mountainfilm 2013), Valley Uprising, The Man Behind the Mask and A Line Across the Sky (all Mountainfilm 2015); High and Mighty, Showdown at Horseshoe Hell , Generation Up (all Mountainfilm 2016); Brette, Boys in the Bugs, and Young Guns (all Mountainfilm 2017); The Dawn Wall (Mountainfilm 2018), Up to Speed, and Age of Ondra (both at Mountainfilm 2019); The High Road and United States of Joe's (both at Mountainfilm 2020); and most recently Xavi SK8 and Reel Rock 15: Black Ice (both at Mountainfilm 2021); and most recently Reel Rock 16: Big Things to Come and Reel Rock 16: Cuddle (both Mountainfilm 2022) as well as Reel Rock: Resistance Climbing (Mountainfilm 2023).

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