Paul Diffley

Paul Diffley first experienced rock climbing with his school’s outdoor pursuits club and the local Scout group. When he left school at age 16, he spent a formative two weeks in the Llanberis Pass in Snowdonia, Wales, which is where he first began to consider himself as a climber. By the time he pointed a video camera at another climber in 2003, Diffley was an accomplished climber himself. Since then, he formed Hot Aches Productions and has filmed many of the world's best climbers, creating several award-winning films in the process, including Fools with Tools (Mountainfilm 2005); E11, the first film to win the Charlie Fowler Award at Mountainfilm in 2007; and WideBoyz (Mountainfilm 2013). Six years later he is the director of the short film Free Flow (Mountainfilm 2019).