Nick Rosen

Nick Rosen is a partner, writer and producer at Reel Rock. He is co-director of the acclaimed feature-length documentaries The Alpinist and Valley Uprising. Nick began working as a writer/producer/director with Reel Rock in 2005, and since then has created feature films and TV programs for NBC, The Weather Channel, National Geographic Channels International and The New York Times Online. Rosen has directed and co-directed many Mountainfilm selections including Alone on the Wall (Mountainfilm 2010), Honnold 3.0 (Mountainfilm 2013), Valley Uprising, The Man Behind the Mask (both Mountainfilm 2015); High and Mighty, Generation Up, Showdown at Horseshoe Hell (all Mountainfilm 2016); Young Guns, Brette, Boys in the Bugs (both Mountainfilm 2017); Up to Speed (Mountainfilm 2019), United States of Joe's (Mountainfilm 2020) and most recently Reel Rock 16: Big Things to Come and Reel Rock 16: Cuddle (all Mountainfilm 2022) as well as Reel Rock: Rayu and Reel Rock: Resistance Climbing (Mountainfilm 2023).