Kimberly Williams

Based on her own experiences as a large fund and small business manager, investor, and strategist, Kimberly Williams co?founded the non?profit Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI) in 2012. Following the signing of 20 global partners and the organization of three global conferences in less than two years, SOFI represents $300 million of research investment and 150,000 square feet of laboratory space committed to the advancement of solar fuels. SOFI is developing a photoelectrochemical device that produces renewable fuel from sun, water, and carbon emissions, and a Knowledge Map of proprietary data in light capture, water?splitting and carbon recycling technologies.

Kimberly is an advanced energy advocate and always interested in collaborating with private and public energy financing experts, discussing unique partnership structures and intellectual property, and managing projects including risk analysis, budgeting, strategic planning, digital communications, and conceptual modeling.

Before retiring from the private sector, Kimberly managed a $1 billion investment fund for partners GE Capital, Whitehall/Goldman Sachs, and JE Robert Companies.