Joshua Izenberg

Josh Izenberg is a documentary filmmaker based in Oakland, California. His projects have covered surfing veterans, the search for extraterrestrial life and controversial approaches to addiction rehab in Peru. His short documentary, SLOMO (Mountainfilm 2013), won over a dozen awards, including Best Short Documentary at SXSW, the IDA award and premiered as a New York Times Op-Doc. His film, Resurface, won the Jury Prize at Tribeca, was acquired by Netflix and was nominated for an Emmy. He also directed The Perfect Flight (Mountainfilm 2017) and is the co-director of Save the Hearts (Mountainfilm 2019). In the film Eco-Hack! (Mountainfilm 2022), Izenberg and co-director Brett Marty wage a tech war against the overpopulation of ravens in hopes of saving the dramatically diminishing population of Mojave Desert tortoises. Eco-Hack! received a Mountainfilm Commitment Grant in 2020.