James Q Martin

James Q. Martin (aka ‘Q’) is an acclaimed adventure photographer and award-winning filmmaker whose work has been featured worldwide. Inquisitive, spirited and dedicated to regional and international conservation and social efforts, Q has traveled extensively throughout the American Southwest and to 35 countries documenting the stories of world-class athletes, artists, conservationists, filmmakers and scientists who inspire him. In capturing his subject’s compassion for these special places, he hopes to raise awareness for issues facing our communities worldwide and to unite people taking steps to preserve and protect these places for future generations. Martin did just that in the short film Dear Mr. President (Mountainfilm 2018), , which captures the opinions of children on climate change. He is also the director of Frosty, Mi Mamá, and A Light in the Shadow (all at Mountainfilm 2019), and Bringing it Home (Mountainfilm 2020) which he co-directed with Scott Briscoe. Q’s short film Sheri (Mountainfilm 2022) documents Sheri Tingey’s story of the hurdles she overcame to launch a ground-breaking company that ultimately revolutionized the outdoor industry.