David Benjamin Sherry

Part-archeologist and part-futurist, David Benjamin Sherry uses a large format 8x10 film camera to reflect and contemplate our place within the contemporary American landscape. Through his work, the photographer and avid darkroom printer is challenging and reinvigorating the American Western landscape tradition in photography. Sherry is best known for his iconic monochromatic darkroom printed landscapes, a project born from his love of the outdoors and the protected natural landscapes of North America. His passion has developed into new projects that aim to raise deeper concerns for the rapidly changing environment. Sherry maintains his queer sensibility in the hetero-male dominated canon of photography, and ultimately aims to reexamine the history of photography. His work has been featured in many prominent international publications and venues, including Artforum, Aperture Magazine, Architectural Digest, Art in America, Interview Magazine, The New Yorker, New York Magazine and The New York Times.