Dave Mossop

Filmmaker Dave Mossop was born in Edmonton, Alberta. His creative eye and love of photography began at an early age with influence from Swiss pianist, mountaineer and photographer Boris Roubakine. Mossop attributes his deep appreciation of nature and the mountains to the knowledge and experiences he gained through his father, who worked as the director of the Geological Survey of Canada. After graduating in 2004 from University of Victoria in Anthropology and Film Studies, he’s worked as a director of photography for films of all kinds, including a 5-D, hi-resolution, virtual-flight simulation called FlyOver Canada; music videos; commercials; and feature length films. His feature film All.I.Can (Mountainfilm 2012) has won over 20 festival awards, and he also directed Into the Mind (Mountainfilm 2014). As a tribute to the late JP Auclair, Mossop expanded on the All.I.Can style in the short film Imagination: Tom Wallisch (Mountainfilm 2018).