Chris Jordan

A former corporate lawyer, Chris Jordan is dedicated to raising consciousness through his photographic art that illustrates the far-reaching and destructive impact of our everyday habits. His widely lauded series about American consumerism, “Running the Numbers,” has been called the “Harper’s Index” of art, offering viewers a visual understanding of the cost of society’s consumption. His most recent project, “Midway — Message from the Gyre,” focuses on the lifecycle of the albatross in the North Pacific Ocean, where the birds confuse the vast quantity of plastic trash that pollutes the water for food — with dire consequences. Jordan has participated in Mountainfilm in 2010 and 2012 as a speaker and special guest. Chris' short film Camel Gastrolith (Mountainfilm 2016) shows the amount of plastic found inside of a dead camel. He is also the director of Albatross (2017).