Candide Thovex

French skier Candide Thovex takes viewers on a thrilling first-person adventure off jumps, through trees and over cat tracks, doing backflips the whole way in his 2015 short film One of Those Days 2 (Mountainfilm 2015). Noticeably absent is a thumping soundtrack: The only accompaniment is the sound of the wind and the swoosh of skis on snow. Thovex is a professional freeskier who has won numerous awards and events, including X-Games gold medals in Superpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air. His helmet-mounted camera videos often go viral; One of Those Days 2 was viewed by more than 1.3 million people the first week it was released. Just when we thought we'd seen his wildest stunts, Thovex uses the world as his canvas, — skiing everything from sand to waves in Ski the World (Mountainfilm 2018) made together with Audio and YouTube.