Brad Allgood

For Brad, a three-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua launched an award-winning filmmaking career specializing in entertaining, character-driven documentaries that inspire audience engagement. His films have taken him into the heart of the Nicaraguan rainforest and remote Caribbean islands, as well as to the sparse Kalahari desert and dense African jungles. In 2012, he turned his attention to a Paraguayan landfill where garbage pickers turn trash into treasure, directing the acclaimed documentary Landfill Harmonic (Mountainfilm 2015). His other films include My Village, My Lobster, 120 Days, Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story, John Leguizamo: Live at Rikers and Dani’s Twins, which had it's world premiere at Mountainfilm in 2022. Alongside Camilo De Castro, Brad is the co-director of Patrol, world premiering at Mountainfilm 2023.