Ben Moon

Photographer and filmmaker Ben Moon covers a diverse range of subjects in the adventure, commercial and music realms. Surviving cancer in his 20s provides him with a great connection to the inspiring individuals he documents and gratitude for the beauty of his surrounding environment. With the Pacific Northwest as his playground and assignments to remote locations worldwide, Moon is accustomed to working in a wide variety of conditions — whether hanging from a rock face or swimming through heavy surf. His films include Castles in the Sky (Mountainfilm 2014), Rabbit Island (Mountainfilm 2015), Offseason (Mountainfilm 2016) and Grizzly Country (Mountainfilm 2019). Moon was the subject of Denali (Mountainfilm 2015) and the author of Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime, a book about the powerful — and eventually life-saving — bond between Moon and his dog, Denali.