May 19, 2010

What Is Biodiversity? And What Can You Do To Protect It?

At this year’s Moving Mountains Symposium, we’re focusing on the Extinction Crisis. Why? Because with a species dying off every 20 minutes, there is real cause for concern. Part of changing that problem is through education, so follow along each Wednesday as we bring you a little more information on extinction, endangered species and biodiversity. What exactly is biodiversity? The International League of Conservation Photographers put together this great multimedia piece that showcases what biodiversity is and why it's important. Watching it, you'll quickly realize that biodiversity is something that affects all of us... and that's why we have a duty to do something to ensure its protection. [vimeo=] Biodiversity is particularly on our minds this week as Friday, May 21st, is Endangered Species Day. Protecting endangered species is a key part of maintaining biodiversity. So how can you help? Here are a couple key endangered species causes that you can take action on right now.

There are many excellent endangered species causes out there. Which one are you passionate about? Tell us in the comments below.