November 16, 2006

Welcome from Peter

November 16, 2006Welcome to MF Blog!We hope this site will serve as an extension of the conversations that buzz in Telluride during our Memorial Day weekend festival each year -- conversations worth sustaining.This is new territory for us -- our first ever blogsite. We don't know exactly what to expect nor what to predict. I, for one, certainly can't guarantee that everything you come across here will be pithy and mordant ... galvanizing nuggets, as it were, of rare sagacity and insight. But, with luck, there should be some pearls.Our main purpose at MF Blog is not to make or break news but to pick up and comment on issues that relate to the Mountainfilm world.What world is that?The world of mountains and films, of course.And the world of bold adventure, endangered cultures, threatened environments, and more.Arlene Burns, our festival director, Justin Clifton, our world tour director, Daiva Chesonis, our marketing diva, and I will all take turns trying to keep the MF Blog lively, worthwhile and connected.And we hope to have plenty of outside guest commentary from filmmakers, friends and the Mountainfilm family that stretches to the most remote reaches of the globe.Wish us luck, stay tuned and stay in touch!Posted by Peter Kenworthy