May 12, 2009

The Search For BioDiesel

I’ll do my best not to put the “blah” in blog so here goes: after waiting 4 hours for Penske to get me the right truck, I loaded up my gear and got on the road. There really are many fewer biodiesel outlets than I thought there would be. After checking out the population map on I found it interesting that the highest concentration of biodiesel stations is BY FAR in the Midwest. My first biodiesel fill up was in Millville, PA, about 170 miles outside NYC. I only had to drive 8 miles off Route 80 to find it. The guy who runs the station can get you some B99 (that’s nearly pure biodiesel) but the commercial stuff that he mixes himself is between 5% and 10%, depending on the season. Tonight I’m shacked up in Sandy Point, PA and I’m hoping I’ll get to see a few innings of the Indians game which starts bright and early at noon. I’ve got 180 miles to go and I’ll be stopping in Jefferson, OH to refuel on the way. Thanks for everyone’s best wishes and be sure to check in tomorrow for more planet-changing news!

K2 in NYC
photo was taken by Andreas Wagner
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