August 14, 2007

Summer at Mountainfilm

August 14, 2007It's been awhile since we've last posted, but that doesn't mean we're on vacation or out of the office! Our full-time staff is always around and working hard. The Mountainfilm on Tour work began the second the festival ended. We've been doing super glamorous work like dubbing tour tapes, creating a new database, and contacting tour hosts to settle on details for the upcoming shows. Several shows have already happened, and we're amping up for our busy season in October and November. We also just launched our new tour website, check it out here.The festival staff doesn't go into sleep mode in the summer, either. After putting together all the stats for the festival, the staff set out to create the new sponsorship brochure (which you can download in PDF form).And to top it off, the entire full-time crew just got back from the Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade show in Salt Lake City. OR is a great opportunity for our staff to meet with old and new sponsors, talk about our green initiatives & get the buzz about films-in-progress for the next festival.It feels like summer is already over in a chilly, wet Telluride, and we're still plugging away day to day on all sorts of fun (and important) projects.Posted by Emily Long

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