May 14, 2010

Mountainfilm Preview 2010: Mount St. Elias

Now that we’re in the countdown to this year’s festival, we’re sure you want to check out what films we’ll be featuring. Instead of just listing them, we’ll be posting trailers to selected films each Tuesday and Friday, so keep an eye out for what’s to come! Today we’re featuring Mount St. Elias

.The distance from Mount Saint Elias’ summit (18,009 feet) to sea is only 10 miles, a rare and steep vertical descent. In 2007, a group of men tackle this Alaskan peak, intending to climb and ski it, an attempt at what may be the longest vertical descent in ski history. Brilliantly filmed and dramatically told, Mount St. Elias is an epic film about the obsession with a superlative mountain, where weather can change in an instant, and success is far from guaranteed.[vimeo=]