July 2, 2009

Moonwalks in high places

Good Morning. I made the mistake of looking up the mileage for my proposed route today and it varies between 120 and 135 miles depending on witch program you use to calculate the mileage. Considering this mileage and the fact that I have to hunt down a new tire before I hit the road, I will keep the blog in the visual realm.The first few photos are from Salida where I am receiving a free sandwich certificate for exhausting myself in a hill climb running competition. The sandwich was delicious. The next few are from the FIBark Festival and the little slice of Americana that I witnessed there. The remaining images are from yesterday as I biked over Scholfield Pass. I am doing the moonwalk atop the pass while listening to Billy Jean in honor of MJ. Supposedly this pass is the deadliest one in Colorado. Didn't witness any death, but the pass sure beat me up. There are a couple of photos of me with a bit of mud on my face. I took a spill and didn't realize that my face plant ended with a streak of war paint. The last photo is my tire at the end of the day. Crazy to think it never went flat. I was hiking my bike for five hours yesterday. After my third fall this appeared to be the prudent mode of transportation. I will have some stories tomorrow. Sneak preview . . . I interrupted some wildlife in a dance of sorts. Wild indeed, for the participants were from Texas and belong to the AARP. Tune in tomorrow.[gallery link="file" columns="2"]
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