October 13, 2014

Hello from Sage Martin, Mountainfilm’s New Executive Director

The night before the 2014 Mountainfilm festival, we gathered as a family and poured over the festival program. We took turns reading the film descriptions and blurted out the names of the films we had to see. My boys voted for Virunga and Living Wild, my husband for Mission Blue and Dear Governor Hickenlooper. I couldn't wait to see Wrenched, but proposed we kick things off with DamNation Friday night. As it turned out, DamNation was a terrific choice because it spoke to all of us. It fired up my personal fascination with monkeywrenching, kept the boys entertained with a great message about our nation's rivers and ended in the best possible way with spying, helicopters and blowing up things.

My husband and I went for a run early the next morning and, feeling inspired, talked about how we could make a more positive impact. I said out loud on the trail that day that I wished I could work for Mountainfilm. Fast forward five months, and here I sit at my new desk during my first week as the new executive director of an organization that has inspired and moved me like no other. I'm honored to be a part of Mountainfilm and serve a mission that has inspired so many people for so long.

During this transition, I’ve been welcomed by a staff and a board that’s beyond talented and accomplished. I follow a true professional in Peter Kenworthy. His accomplishments are outstanding, and he leaves behind a vibrant organization positioned to move forward and explore new ways to deliver the mission. As I move into my new role, I look forward to getting to know everyone in the Mountainfilm community.

Sage Martin, Telluride Mountainfilm Executive Director

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