May 26, 2010

First Ascent Team Summits Everest

Good news coming for one of our great sponsors, First Ascent, and just in time for this year's festival! Their Everest team made it to the summit this week, after weathering out a snowstorm over the weekend. But it's Everest after all, and summit temps reportedly reached -18ºF.Most notably was the story of Dave Hahn, who was climbing with the First Ascent team, and clocked this as his 12th summit of the mountain. That breaks his own record for the most summits by a non-Sherpa. Hahn was also helping to guide Leif Whittaker, as he managed his first Everest summit. Forty-seven years ago, on May 1, 1963, Leif’s father, Jim, became the first American to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain. That's something to celebrate.You can check out lots of first account reports and updates from the expedition over the First Ascent blog.