November 7, 2008

Films & Film Festivals, an Imperfect Marriage?

November 7, 2008paulcamera_300dpi.jpgPaul Devlin (Power Trip), who presented his new film Blast at Mountainfilm last May, recently shared with us a link to an article he wrote for Independent Magazine. From the perspective of an independent filmmaker not backed by one of the major distributors, festivals have always been a key component of outreach. However, in his article Paul discusses whether or not festivals will continue to play that role for filmmakers in the future."For decades, film festivals have partnered up with great independent films to give them a healthy life. Filmmakers have relied on the hard work of festival programmers and organizers to get our films out to audiences and to reach wider markets through press and distributor attention. However, as I re-enter the world of film festivals with my new movie BLAST! I find the glut of films in the marketplace has changed the landscape drastically." Keep reading Mark Devlin