December 7, 2009

Controversy about Shark Con Film also a Con?

A link to this trailer was in my inbox today (thanks, Jenny). The film is called The Shark Con Film, and the main point seems to be that sharks are doing just fine, thanks, and that anyone who says otherwise is just trying to make money.We've played our fair share of shark films with a different message, including Sharkwater (MF07) and Mind of the Demon (MF06).There is an authentic controversy over the exact number of sharks killed by humans every year, but as other bloggers have noted, the trailer for The Shark Con Film is lacking on credentials and scientific evidence.After a little detective work, I found that the production company credited with the film, Tiburon Productions LLC, is also associated with the film Summer of the Sharks and Shark Diver Magazine (SDM). Summer of Sharks is billed as an adrenaline film, and the trailer didn't seem biased one way or the other (environmentalist or anti-). However, the editor has published that their goal is "To do our part to help sharks survive for generations to come, and to take our sport to the next level." (Link here)Although it's possible that it the film will be made, I think the trailer is mostly likely a publicity stunt. What do you think?

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