November 23, 2009

6 Degrees Celsius

A new report from the Global Carbon Project has just been released saying that we are heading towards six degrees Celsius of global warming. With the Copenhagen conference on climate change fast approaching, the report has been released to put some pressure on negotiators.The U.S. seems to be unwilling to come to the table with concrete proposals, and have said that the Copenhagen talks, which were supposed to be definitive, are now just setting the table for future talks. This feet-dragging has frustrated a lot of Obama supporters, including Mountainfilm 2009 guest, Bill McKibben, who wrote in Mother Jones recently that Obama was “unwilling to lead” on climate change. The Obama Administration has been regulating as much as they can but they still need 67 votes to ratify any treaty that would come out of Copenhagen and that seems awfully unlikely at this point.Yet Copenhagen moves forward – to what end, it’s hard to tell at this point butGood Magazine has a fairly effective guide to what is happening and how to follow it all.--David