March 14, 2008

2008 Mountainfilm Festival Taking Shape

March 14, 2008


Sidenote: We are so appreciative of the amazing posts from our guest bloggers - and the generous spirit they embody to put thoughts down and share them with us every Friday. This week is an intermission for a shameless plug of one of the events we have planned for this year's festival. Here's the basics, but check it out in more depth at: Mountainflim Press Releases.


• Tribute to the late Sir Edmund Hillary: Renowned mountaineer and filmmaker, David Breashears will host a tribute to the eminent “mountaineer’s mountaineer” who passed away earlier this year. Guests close to Hillary will attend. Rarely seen films chronicling his life and exploits will be presented.

Breahears filming

Photos credits: Breashears/, Hilary and Tensing in 1950's/Channel 4, Hilary and Tensing later in life/picasaweb.comPosted by Brook Sutton