Mountainfilm on Tour FAQ

When can I book my show?
The 2022-23 Mountainfilm on Tour season runs from August 20, 2022 to April, 30 2023. We do not offer tour shows over the summer months as we prepare for the upcoming tour season.

Things to consider when choosing a show date:

  1. Are there other large community events scheduled that day/night?
  2. Are there any other festivals or touring events in your town?
  3. Are people more likely to attend if the show is on a weeknight or weekend?
  4. Is your ideal venue available? Take a look at their calendar of events.
  5. Does your community’s population fluctuate with the seasons?
  6. Are you likely to have more people in town at a certain time of year?
  7. Are there holidays or school breaks that could affect attendance?

How is Mountainfilm on Tour different than other film tours?
Mountainfilm is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire audiences to create a better world. You have the unique opportunity to share inspiring and impactful films with your community while extending the impact of the festival. Mountainfilm on Tour offers a wide range of films that are handpicked from the annual festival to provide inspirational and impactful programs for your audience.

Can Mountainfilm on Tour be part of our festival?
Mountainfilm on Tour is a standalone event. We do not provide programming for other festivals.

Are tour show locations exclusive?
Mountainfilm on Tour offers hosts a one-year limited license to host a tour show in the approved location. Tour hosts have the opportunity to renew their license for the show location annually. If a host decides not book a show within the next season of the tour, the location will become available and another party may book a tour show in the location.

Mountainfilm will limit booking other tours within a twenty-five (25) mile radius of an existing show location for the tour season, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Do I need to be affiliated with a company to host a tour show?
Mountainfilm on Tour shows are typically hosted by nonprofit organizations, schools/universities, or by venue operators. If you are an individual seeking to host a show, we recommend that you link up with a nonprofit or a venue to collaborate on hosting a show. It helps to have a team to support your efforts to promote the event, sell tickets, and broaden outreach.

How many screenings can I schedule in a day?
This depends on the program that you’re choosing and your past experience hosting. If you have successfully sold out shows in the past, then it may be possible to schedule more than one screening per day, with additional fees. 

We encourage you to schedule your show in a way that ensures high attendance while keeping in mind that this can be affected by school and work schedules.

Can I host a multi-day show or event?
We want your show to be a success! For new tour locations, your focus should be on promoting your event with the goal of selling out your venue. For this reason, first-year shows are limited to one evening program. If there is significant demand demonstrated by a sold-out program, we will consider expanding.

Where should I host the show? What venues are acceptable?
One of the great things about Mountainfilm on Tour is its ability to work in a variety of venues. From breweries to movie theaters — an acceptable venue just needs to have a high-quality projector, screen and audio system.

Things to consider:

  1. What type of audience do you expect? Will they prefer a theater atmosphere or something more casual?
  2. What is the capacity of the venue? Do you anticipate filling the space? Are there enough tickets available to earn a profit if sold-out?
  3. Typically, our program includes an intermission. Does your venue have a bar or concessions? If not, an intermission may not be necessary.
  4. Is your venue in a convenient location? Is there adequate parking?
  5. Regarding concerns over COVID-19, are you able to fully comply with local measures for mask-wearing, social distancing and sanitation? Your audience will likely only feel comfortable attending an in-person event if you can adhere to these guidelines.

Can I find my own sponsors?
You may reach out to local retailers, outdoor organizations and nonprofits that would be interested in participating. They can help by promoting your event and/or providing financial or in-kind support for your event. 

Please let your sponsors know that Mountainfilm’s national sponsors are displayed on the intro reel before each show and that The North Face logo will appear on Mountainfilm on Tour’s promotional materials. 

Do not seek out any local representatives of Mountainfilm’s national sponsors without express approval from Mountainfilm.

Local branches and/or affiliates of Mountainfilm’s sponsors may be interested in supporting your event, but before proceeding, please let us know. Before proceeding with partnerships or sponsorships with outerwear companies, you must seek approval from Mountainfilm. If you are unsure if one of your event partners conflicts with one of our corporate relationships, please check with us in advance.

What films are available for Mountainfilm on Tour?
Mountainfilm on Tour licenses a collection of short films from our annual festival. If you opt for our Custom playlist, you have the option of selecting from a range of inspiring documentary shorts. If you choose the Curated playlist you will select one of our four pre-curated playlists. You can see the full list of current tour films here.

How long is a Mountainfilm on Tour show?
We find that between two and two and a half hours is the sweet spot for most tour shows. This usually includes a 15-minute intermission.

How can I use social media to promote my show?
A social media presence can be helpful for capturing an audience and driving ticket sales. However, we ask that you do not create unique social media accounts for your show. We recommend creating a Facebook event and sharing it on your personal and organization's Facebook page. Please ask Mountainfilm to co-host.

Mountainfilm also has a social media toolkit with images, text and sample posts for you to use. As long as you are following our marketing and branding guidelines and tagging @Mountainfilm, we encourage you to use any pre-existing social media platforms with an active following. Please refer to the Marketing Support page on the Mountainfilm website for resources and guidelines.

Can I create a new website for my show?
No. Mountainfilm will create a webpage for your event on our website. This is the best place for users to easily find your show information and purchase tickets. You can include event details on your organization's website, but the information posted is subject to Mountainfilm's approval.