Mountainfilm for Students

If your tour show is held on a day school is in session (typically Monday through Friday) and the event schedule allows it, our presenter can visit a local public school for a screening of one of our pre-curated student programs for no additional fee. This unique opportunity is a wonderful way to increase the impact of your event while inspiring students in your community. Please note that while we make every effort to offer this program, ultimately it is up to the school to decide if they would like to participate.

If you end up hosting a Mountainfilm for Students show, we encourage schools to include as many students as possible and to gather multiple classrooms assembly-style in order to heighten the experience.

Mountainfilm for Students playlists are pre-curated and are composed of age-appropriate films that tell compelling, informative and inspirational stories. Students will encounter new perspectives, engage with complex issues and explore the indomitable human spirit. A selection of films in the Mountainfilm for Students playlists includes supporting classroom materials developed by educators. These materials allow students to engage more deeply with the films and include filmmaker/subject interviews, discussion questions, activities for the classroom and more.

Read our Mountainfilm for Students FAQ for more information about the program.