Green Festival


  1. Serve all vegetarian meals sourced locally.
  2. Mountainfilm is a Certified Green Business. 
  3. Promote reusable cups (partnership with YETI).
  4. Compostable/sustainable flatware and paper products.
  5. Encourage attendees to “bring your own” plate, cup and utensils.
  6. Use compostable Festival passes.
  7. Practice office, festival and production recycling.
  8. Office water purifier and water stations at the Festival.
  9. Coordinate group rides from airports and events
  10. All venues are walking distance or a free gondola ride.
  11. Use local businesses and products whenever possible.
  12. Partner with Sustaio to educate attendees.
  13. We compost!
  14. Staff work from home 2 days per week to save resources.
  15. Energy efficient windows in our historic office building - In Progress.
  16. Elevate environmental and climate issues through films, guests partners and talks.
  17. Provide staff with bikes for year-round transportation.
  18. Promote camping in Town Park.


  1. Share rides from the airport.
  2. Learn about carbon offsets.
  3. Bring reusable water bottles/cutlery/napkins and to-go containers to restaurants.
  4. Walk, bike or take the gondola to all venues if able.
  5. Recycle Festival lanyards at Hospitality at the end of the festival.