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Owning her narrative, and being seen and heard is something Erin Parisi, a transgender woman, is working toward as she trains for the Seven Summits. Her mission: To summit as her true self, while creating awareness and visibility for the trans community. “I wanted to climb out of the shadows and climb to a place where I could be the highest I could go, and tell the world who I am,” she says. “I wanted to own my story.”

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Mairin Hart
Lindsey Hagen

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Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.

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TranSending is dedicated to the advancement of transgender rights throughout all aspects of society by promoting athletics as a platform of transgender awareness and inclusion. Our goal is to promote rising transgender athletes and help them gain access to athletic programs, with the goal of increasing awareness from team administration, coaches and team staff, trans athletes, fellow athletes and the audiences who support these great sports.

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