To Scale: The Solar System

7 mins


Look at any picture of the solar system, and it seems that everything is relatively close together — the moon an inch or two away from Earth, Mars a little over an inch away from the moon and so on. But posters and websites betray the truth: Things are much, much farther apart.

In an attempt to give Earthlings a new perspective of the universe, filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh head to the Black Rock Desert to build the first to-scale model of the solar system. With an Earth the size of a marble and seven miles of open space with which to work, Overstreet, Gorosh and a few friends embark on a unique scientific endeavor, creating something that only 24 people in the history of mankind have actually seen: a perspective of the solar system, to scale.

Production Team

Alex Gorosh
Wylie Overstreet

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2016 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Classroom Materials
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