The Grand Rescue

53 mins


Mountain rescue is always a risky proposition, so those who are attracted to the job tend to be strapping, young and full of verve — and nerve. This was definitely the case in 1967, when a group of seven national park rangers in the Grand Tetons risked their lives to save an injured climber. On August 22, Gaylord Campbell was climbing the north face of the Grand Teton with a friend when a boulder broke free and showered them with rocks, leaving Campbell with compound fractures. During the rescue attempt, which took three days, Campbell was critical of the methods and decisions made by his saviors every turn of the way. The Grand Rescue tells this legendary story for the first time in film. Several park rangers from the rescue will speak after the screening.

Production Team

Jenny Wilson
Meredith Lavitt
William A. Kerig

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2014 Mountainfilm Festival.