The Farthest

121 mins


There is never going to be another mission quite like it. In 1977, NASA sent two Voyager probes into deep space just in time for a historic alignment that allowed them to make a successful exploration of the outer planets of our solar system. It was the beginning of an incredible fact-finding mission and interstellar journey that gave us the first close-up images of Jupiter’s red spot, Saturn’s rings, Uranus’ drab crust and Neptune, beautiful blue luminous Neptune. The Voyager probes finally get the treatment they deserve in The Farthest, which rounds up the hyper-intelligent pack of scientists involved with the mission 40 years later to recount the audacious project. It’s a film filled with boundless human ingenuity, the endless lure of the unknown, the unfathomable distance and mystery of space, and one unforgettable golden record. Buckle up for a dazzling ride.

Production Team

Emer Reynolds

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2017 Mountainfilm Festival.

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