The Blessing

74 mins


Colorado Premiere
The Blessing delivers an unapologetic and unflinching portrait of Lawrence, a Navajo man who struggles to walk in two worlds. In one world, he sacrifices his soul to earn a living as a coal miner, a cog in a massive industrial machine that daily cuts deeper into a sacred Navajo mountain, eviscerating it to provide the raw ingredient for electrical power for the Southwest. In the other, he is a native son of Mother Earth, a spiritual warrior charged by birthright with caretaking the land. While straddling these two opposing worlds, Lawrence is also working to redeem the personal, social and cultural sins of his past and raise a teenage daughter as a single father. That he somehow manages to stay astride all of these potentially upending challenges is, perhaps, the inspiration for the film’s title.

Production Team

Jordan Fein
Hunter Robert Baker

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2019 Mountainfilm Festival.