Official Selection MountainFilm 2021

The Ants & The Grasshopper

USA, UK, Malawi
74 mins


Anita Chitaya is transforming her village in Malawi with new farming and cooking methods even as drought looms. Chitaya and her mentor, Esther Lupafya, decide to embark on a journey through the U.S. in an effort to convince Americans that climate change is real. Along the way, they visit Midwest farms and urban food cooperatives, witnessing national divisions in their quest to save their home from drought.

World Premiere

Production Team

Zak Piper Raj Patel
Rachel Wexler
Peter Mazunda
Raj Patel
Zak Piper
Cynthia Kane

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2021 Mountainfilm Festival.

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