Spectre Expedition – To the End of the Earth

49 mins


North American Premiere
How about attempting the second summit of the most remote mountain on Earth? Without the logistical support of the U.S. government, which sponsored the scientific expedition that marked the only other time human beings have been to the Gothic Range of the Transantarctic Mountains? Or any other support, for that matter? The plan, by design, is ambitious; it requires kite skiing almost 2,000 kilometers round trip, towing gear on sleds, just to reach the highly technical peak, known, menacingly, as The Spectre. The three expedition members battle logistics, distance, wind and no-wind, frostbite, crevasses and wrong turns. “Who’d have thought I’d actually get here one day?” says expedition leader Leo Houlding, as the team closes in on the objective. He can be forgiven for scarcely believing where he finds himself. Who else could ever claim that, “We are the most remote people on Planet Earth right now”?

Production Team

Leo Houlding
Alastair Lee

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2019 Mountainfilm Festival.