Living Wild

52 mins


Lynx Vilden’s goal before she turns 50 is unusual: She wants to take a community of individuals into the wilderness for one year to live as our ancestors did thousands of years ago — metal, plastic and glass to be replaced by leather, wood and stone. Forget Paleo. The challenges of that diet pale in comparison to Vilden’s vision. Living Wild tells the story of one season of her project, documenting a small group of students learning how to live together in the wilderness. This is no sensational project for the Discovery Channel or even National Geographic, both of whom she turned down for the rights to film her work. Vilden’s project is filled with heart and passion that cannot be distilled into soundbites or reality television. With a focus on community building and a deep respect for the gifts of the world that are all around us, Vilden embodies wild.

Production Team

Eric Valli

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2014 Mountainfilm Festival.