Khumbu Climbing Class 2010

8 mins


In a pocket of the blustery, lofty region of Nepal sits the Khumbu Climbing School, where Nepali climbers, sherpas and high-altitude workers are trained in safe climbing practices and protocols. Students—many of whom have already reached the summits of Everest and K2 and worked in the Himalayas for years—learn proper techniques for knot-tying, belaying and ice climbing from Conrad Anker (star of The Wildest Dream) and other top-flight mountaineers. The school, which is part of the Alex Lowe foundation, aims to increase the safety margin in a region where many work—and risk their lives—in the craggy peaks that surround them. As this gorgeous film by Renan Ozturk (As It Happens) unfolds, it becomes obvious that more than just training takes place here—there’s also connection, community and growth. —KK

Production Team

Renan Ozturk

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2010 Mountainfilm Festival.