Impossible Town

87 mins


In the mid-1980s in rural southern West Virginia, Dr. Hassan Amjad is alarmed at the abnormal rates of cancer in his patients. He becomes their fiercest advocate, raising awareness about the persistent risk to human health caused by carcinogenic PCBs left from the mining industry. Decades later, this responsibility lands on his daughter, Dr. Ayne Amjad. Thrust to the helm of this decades-long struggle, and haunted by her late father’s mandate to help others at all costs, Ayne is caught between her dream of raising a family and an audacious but all-consuming plan to relocate the town and bring closure to her father’s work. This story of personal ambitions in conflict with deep familial obligations is set against the backdrop of loss, grief and environmental injustice in rural Appalachia.

World Premiere


Production Team

Meg Griffiths 
Scott Faris

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2023 Mountainfilm Festival.