Ice Revolution

13 mins


There’s no doubt that traditional ice climbing is a beautiful sport for hardy mountain souls. But because of the physics of ice, it’s virtually impossible to find super hard, overhanging ice routes on natural walls — until now. Welcome to Helmcken Falls, British Columbia, a surreal and frozen place that defies the rules that have long governed the sport. Here, a violent cascade pours some 500 feet to the ground, throwing spray onto a nearby overhanging cave wall, which freezes to create an otherworldly canvas of icicles and frozen features — a dream come true for climbers Will Gadd and Tim Emmett. Ice Revolution follows the two dynamic partners as they pioneer a new and radical form of ice climbing in the cave, dodging massive exploding icicles, finding incredible routes and having a blast on the hardest pure ice climb in the world.

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2012 Mountainfilm Festival.