I Can’t Keep Quiet

29 mins


I Can’t Keep Quiet is an intimate portrait of one woman’s quest for healing that reverberated around the globe through her anthem for the women’s movement. Five years later, we take a deeper look into the song’s impact on MILCK’s journey of reclamation. As we follow MILCK’s path of activism and artistry, we get a window into how she’s awakened by the stillness of quarantine and the reckoning of our country’s racial justice movement. Her acknowledgment and accountability for her blindspots give her and her co-creator, AG, a renewed sense of freedom as they celebrate that it’s never too late to reclaim our voices.

Colorado Premiere


Production Team

Eurie Chung

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2023 Mountainfilm Festival.

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I Cant Keep Quiet Fund

MILCK's I Can't Keep Quiet Fund generates resources through song proceeds, content, brand partnerships, merchandise proceeds, and public donations. These funds directly benefit grassroots non-profit beneficiaries as well as our work to co-create with and invest in artists to produce social justice-focused work. We do this work through an intersectional lens of Feminism, Black-Asian Solidarity, AAPI Support, LGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and Mental Health.​

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