Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE

23 mins


Nearly a decade ago, inspired by NASA’s iconic images of planet Earth and the mind-bending vastness of evolution, eminent nature photographer Frans Lanting was struck with an ambitious idea: Tell the story of life on Earth through pictures. What ensued was a years-long project that took Lanting and his wife, Christine Eckstrom, across the globe to capture images that would take people on a journey from the Big Bang to the present. They shot lava eruptions, micro-organisms too tiny to see with the naked eyes, squishy sea invertebrates, rodents, apes and, finally, humans. Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE chronicles the project and its humbling conclusion that we’re all players in a tableau of interconnectedness. “The realization that we are all related is truly profound,” Frans says. “And that’s an awesome realization as we’re hurtling through space on this tiny living planet.”

Production Team

Steven Kochones

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2017 Mountainfilm Festival.