Chasing Coral

94 mins


Otherworldly habitats that are home to a psychedelic array of colors, creatures and life, coral reefs are crucial foundations of ocean ecosystems. But hidden from sight, these miraculous places are largely out of mind for most humans. And they are also under dire threat as warming ocean temperatures trigger unprecedented rates of bleaching and dying. In Chasing Coral, director Jeff Orlowski and a team of scientists, photographers and divers set out to document this underwater crisis and share it with a global audience. It’s no easy task, and the team faces technical challenges, the whims of nature and the ticking clock as it races to record bleaching events as they happen. Chasing Coral is a film that pairs beauty and urgency with a glimpse of the tragedies that will continue if humans don’t address climate change.


Production Team

Jeff Orlowski-Yang

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2017 Mountainfilm Festival.