By Hand

67 mins


Intense is the word most used to describe identical twins Ryan and Casey Higginbotham. In 2016, at just 23 years old, the pair set out on the first-ever self-contained prone paddle down the Pacific coast from Ketchikan, Alaska to Tijuana, Mexico. A childhood shaped by constant athletic competition, and the belief that perseverance and a stiff upper lip are the keys to success, leads them to set a punishing pace. But their definition of accomplishment leaves little room for the inevitable setbacks of bad weather, turning tides and honest mistakes. Under the tutelage of the unbiased, blameless ocean, the boys learn mental fortitude is about breaking down walls and never giving up on their goal — or each other.

Colorado Premiere

Production Team

Kellen Keene
Kellen Keene

Film Contact

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.
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