Amanda Little: The Fate of Food

Meet the Author — Amanda Little: The Fate of Food

Author and investigative journalist Amanda Little isn’t afraid to get dirty. She’s conquered oil rigs, sewage plants and manholes to get information people are desperate to know about the state of our world. In her latest book, The Fate of Food: What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World, she turns her attention to food production, investigating what it will take to feed a growing population in a warming climate. 

Little will be joined by fellow author and journalist Bill McKibben, who offered one of the earliest warnings about climate change and has since written extensively on the impact of global warming, including his latest book, Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? The two will discuss Little’s The Fate of Food and explore the evolution of environmental journalism and the pandemic’s impact on climate movement.

The Fate of Food: What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World is available at Telluride’s Between the Covers Bookstore, Mountainfilm's indie bookselling partner. While you’re there, why not order the Mountainfilm 2020 Book Bundle, a collection of the five books represented this year, and Mountainfilm's 40th Anniversary book, which is chock full of images, stories and memories made since 1979. 

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