How to Find Your Story

How to Find Your Story


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May 19 6:30 p.m. MDT

It takes more than an interesting subject or an impactful event to make a great documentary. In order to create a game-changing narrative or a film with merit, a filmmaker must have the ability to harness their curiosity and compassion. It’s a skill Warren Etheredge, an interviewer, educator and film producer has spent over 25 years developing, and in this workshop, he’ll share the secrets of his “Storyfinding” technique. As you might expect from a professional interviewer, Etheredge will ask participants plenty of questions about their proposed documentary idea, before joining the workshop’s attendees in helping each filmmaker hone their angle and narrative. This 90-minute interactive workshop will engage the entire group, allowing filmmakers to rely on other filmmakers in their quest for a story worth telling.

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