Cheryl Strayed: A Conversation with a Very Special Guest

Mountainfilm’s 2019 Guest Director Cheryl Strayed is known for her ability to write, think and talk about the issues that are core to the human experience — love, loss, addiction, identity and relationships — in a way that cuts straight to the bone and resonates widely.

Strayed has proven this ability across media platforms — her insightful, empathetic and relatable views can be heard in her popular podcast “Dear Sugar Radio,” read in the pages of best-sellers such as Wild and even seen in the form of films like We Are Forbidden.

Strayed has been a part of the Mountainfilm family since 2014, when she came to the festival as a Moving Mountains Symposium presenter. In the interim years, she has returned with her family to serve as a theater presenter, host, judge and author. Along with being a perennial favorite of the festival audience, Strayed loves to be part of that audience.

“All of us leave Mountainfilm every year feeling expanded, altered, and inspired. It’s our favorite family tradition,” she says.

As Mountainfilm’s 2019 guest director, Strayed has helped steer programming, contribute to events and shape the symposium. And in this not-to-be-missed event, she will be joined by a very special guest for a conversation about equity, race, art and creating a better world through action.

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